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July 2022

 Maryknights Officers 2021-2022

Chaplain: Fr. Joseph Calis,

Chaplain Emeritus: Rev. Gerard Trancone 240-533-7846

President: Nancy Koski

Vice President: Teresa Sutton mailto:

Treasurer: Norah Dutton,

Secretary: Carol Walper,

Historian: Donna Stocker,

Dear Maryknights,

Happy Birthday America!  I hope everyone is having a safe, healthy, happy summer so far.  Here in Brookeville, the garden is bursting with coneflowers, lilies, roses, black-eyed susans, hydrangeas, and  all kinds of vegetables that are working hard to be ready for the harvest that will begin in earnest at the end of the month and through September.  Can’t wait!

As the sororal year closed, we were pleased to welcome two new Maryknights to the group, Sue Crilly and Barbara Sanders!  Welcome ladies, we are so happy you’ve joined us!  Be sure to welcome our newest members at the Council if you see them over the summer.

KUDOS:   The list is too long to print here, but we owe a great big THANK YOU to all of our officers, committee chairs, the charity event committee and special programs groups and collections who rocked it this year.  We are all so very grateful for all of your efforts to keep us keeping on.  Hope you get the rest you deserve over the summer.

COMING UP:   This month the Executive Board will announce their decision about which group they’ve selected to be the beneficiary of the Charity Event in November, so stay tuned. 

Also, Nancy is attempting to get a bus to pick us up at the Council to go to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, PA to see David.  The cost is approximately $200 per person and includes transportation, lunch and the show.  Keep and eye out for more on this over the summer.

Finally, don’t forget the next Executive Board meeting is Thursday, July 7th at 7:00 pm.

REFLECTION: I served as a catechist to fifth graders for several years, and one of the things I, and the other catechists, did was to help our students learn some of the prayers that we all know so well, but the kids did not.  It was always a lively discussion for the Our Father, I think because it came from Jesus, so the kids knew it was important and they really put a lot of effort into understanding each line.  There was that one line though, it always got to them, and it was really hard for them.  You know which one I’m talking about.  We say it every day, but do we think about it, do we do it every day?  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Focusing on that line, and explaining what God wants us to do, is basic, fundamental, God 101, so to speak. God loves us and endlessly forgives us; and, as children of God, he asks us to do the same.  After all, Jesus forgave those who had a hand in his crucifixion, the perfect example of how to do it.  But, as the kids realized what God asks of us, they quickly discovered that it’s a whole lot harder for human beings to forgive everyone, and they realized they might be coming up short.  It is really hard.  Child or adult, it seems we would all like God to be merciful towards US, but to give a healthy dose of justice to those OTHERS we either don’t like, or trust, or those we think are bad, or even evil. Yet, God expects us to be loving and forgiving to everyone.


I usually try and pick a book to read during Lent that helps me focus on something I know I need to work on and to do better going forward.  I was thinking about my kids and our discussions and trying to pick out a book, and God must have been listening, because a new book turned up on my radar that I instantly decided was the one to read because, like my beloved fifth graders, I wanted some help with forgiving people, especially the seemingly unlovable.  So if you have time this summer, try and get a copy of Father Greg Boyles’, The Whole Language, The Power of Extravagant Tenderness.   It is not too long and I hope you will like it as well as I.


Father Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest and most successful gang-intervention program in the world.   Father’s stories about the men and women he works with will challenge, like they did for me, our ideas about God and about people.  This book provides a glimpse into a world filled with fellowship, compassion, and fewer barriers. The men and women who go through the Homeboy programs will inspire you, they will show you what it means to forgive, and to understand, and to think before you judge. The Whole Language invites us to treat others—and ourselves—with acceptance and tenderness.  This book is available from Montgomery County Public Libraries and from the free e-book services you can use with your library card, so you don’t have to buy it, but it’s worth it if you do.  And Father Boyle does ZOOM discussions with parishes, schools and organizations around the country (hint).


POPE FRANCIS’ MONTHLY INTENTION:  The Pope’s intention for July is that we pray for the elderly, who represent the roots and memory of a people.  We pray that their experience and wisdom help young people to look towards the future with hope and responsibility


Happy Fourth of July!

Peggy Seleski

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