The Maryknights ~ Fr. Rosensteel Council K of C #2169

June 2024 Article

Dear Maryknights,

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! And happy first day of Summer on June 20th!

KUDOS: Well, you all heard it at the May Maryknight General Meeting, but it bears repeating (and I am
certain it will be and should be repeated at every well-deserved opportunity), The Cherry Blossom
Cocktail Party was an ASTONISHING success, garnering, after expenses, the amount of $53,519.85 for
Rosaria Communities
! Margie Cuff and the entire team who worked so selflessly and tirelessly to make
this happen; everyone who donated time, services, auction and basket items, paddle auction cash, time,
talents, and materials to maximize donations to Rosaria, everyone who came and participated, well
done you! And Thank You! And let’s not forget to give thanks God, too (see this month’s reflection)!!!

More kudos as The Maryknights placed in three categories at the K of C Convention: Meet a Knight
took Third place for Best New Activity; The Apostleship of the Sea collection took Second place for Best
Recurring Activity; and, The Maryknights took Third place for Best Auxiliary!

NEWS: Elections were held at the May General Meeting, and serving as our officers for the 2024-2025
Sororal Year are:
President – Pat Haley
Vice President – Teresa Sutton
Secretary – Angela Calarco
Treasurer – Mary Webb
Historian – Margie Cuff
Congratulations to all!

We will still need to find chairs for several of our standing committees as the current chairs are stepping
down. Please pray and think about whether you would be interested in taking on one of these roles.
Membership, Ways and Means, Hospitality, and Programs are all available; there may be more as the
year winds down. If you are a standing or special committee chair and want to add your position to the
list of current vacancies, please let leadership know so I can add additional opportunities that may be
We still need volunteers to stuff pillows for the pillow project! Please contact Nancy Koski if you would
like to help a very worthy project.

COMING UP: The Executive Board will meet Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 7:00 pm. The General Meeting
will be held June 10, 2024, at 7:00 pm.

REFLECTION: This month’s reflection is on Pop-up Prayers written by Carol Ann Morrow from the
May 14, 2024 Pause and Pray, from Franciscan Media [slightly reformatted to fit into this article.]
Reflect: Some businesses have pop-up breaks or meetings. A food wagon shows up offering fragrant
cuisine on different blocks. Pop-up demonstrations surprise us with their energy and brevity. Pop-ups
can be fun.

Pray: You are present in every moment, Embracing God, even those moments where I myself drift
distracted and distant. Please listen to my pop-up prayer: Thank you for this cup of coffee. Thank you
for this open window. Thank you for an hour that flows calmly. Thank you for the power of patience.
Thank you for nudging me to thank you at odd moments and the in-between times of today.
You give them. Grace me to pop-up with a “Thank You.” 

Act: I will be alert today to opportunities to pop-up a prayer of gratitude for gifts I often accept without

POPE FRANCIS’ MONTHLY INTENTION: The Holy Father asks that this month we pray for those fleeing
their own countries. Let us pray that migrants fleeing from war or hunger, forced to undertake journeys
fraught with danger and violence, may find welcome and new living opportunities in their host

Again, Happy Father’s Day! And welcome Summer on June 20th .

Peggy Seleski

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